Dimitries Jewellers sent Canberra's Princess, Kate (Knuckles) Taylor, from 104.7 to the Royal Wedding.

Unbeknown to Kate, Dimitries Jewellers and 104.7 got together and organised to send Kate over to London to attempt to meet the future Princess Kathryn Middleton and attend the royal wedding, surprising her with the announcement on air.

But there was a catch.

Kate had to design and wear her very own 'Royal' piece of jewellery to represent Canberra and Dimitries Jewellers whilst in the UK.

Kate, bubbling with excitement throughout the process, was overjoyed when she saw the end result of the necklace and Sapphire diamond pendant she had designed.

Meanwhile, Scotty and Nige from 104.7 were not going to sit by the sidelines to watch all the action. They decided to make their own trip into Dimitries Jewellers to see how the whole design process worked.

Within an hour, the guys were hooked on our interactive design studio, walking through the design process with our resident designer. After some radical tweaking, the guys walked out with a ring designed in the shape Mount Panorama and a Les Paul's guitar.

Now that Kate is back from the royal wedding, our Princess has placed her piece on display at Dimitries Jewellers in Woden for the public to see, before the destiny of the necklace is revealed.

Design Pod

Introducing The Design Pod At Dimitries

Now that superb piece of jewellery you're dreaming of can take shape before your very eyes. You're in control.

Give your imagination free rein as you manipulate the image on the screen until it reflects exactly what you're looking for. Experiment with different gems, shapes, settings and sizes, and the lifelike image shows you how your personal design will compliment your own skin tone, or even your favourite nail polish. Sharing in your design desires, we will have our dedicated craftspeople turning your dream into a reality. From design to delivery, it can take just three weeks.

The Design Pod is available exclusively at the Dimitries Jewellers exciting new store at Westfield Woden. It's another way we ensure that your jewellery reflects you.

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